Friday, October 23, 2015

Russian Jet Shot Down over Turkey

Yesterday, a Russian jet was shot down over Turkey. It had invaded Turkey's airspace without permission and even had locked radar. It was apparently flying from Russia to Syria where Russia is shoring up the Assad regime against ISIS and other groups.

There are a series of school bombings (;; Some by government forces, others by insurgents.

So people flee, hoping for safety. Because they see no hope at home. And they go to sea in flimsy boats, and many die ( He was far from the only refugee from Syria. Many flee other countries such as Libya.

And, this isn't the only part of the world where people are fleeing their homes for safety. Australia has many refugees and has trouble processing them, so they languish on Nauru and other centers. It is now trying to send these peoples on to the Philippines and Cambodia (

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  1. Yet another Russian jet was shot down by Turkey: