Thursday, April 28, 2016

Another hospital bombed

A women's and children's hospital in Aleppo was bombed today, totally destroying the hospital.
( The city's last pediatrician was killed.

Clearly such a hospital would be serving largely non-combatants, hence would be unacceptable if one accepted the standard rules of war and the Geneva conventions on the treatment of civilians.  Syria, Russia and the US have denied carrying out the airstrike.

Over 250,000 Syrians have been killed during the civil war. But, civilians have been targeted frequently by both government and terrorist groups. So, Syrians are leaving in droves. I'm sure they feel there is no alternative but death. Many civilians are trapped by the war. Children are suffering at home even more than those who have left there homes, trying to make it to Europe.

The recent attacks on clearly civilian sites are disturbing. Not only are the groups like ISIS, and the Taliban attacking civilians, but also governments with sophisticated weaponry. Certainly more information will come out over the next few days regarding this event, but certainly the war will go on and more civilians will suffer and die.. 

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  1. Just saw this:
    It seems that hospitals are being targeted, in violation of the rules of war.