Saturday, November 7, 2015


Last weekend, a Russian passenger jet crashed in the Sinai. Despite ISIS claims of shooting the jet down, the Russians reported otherwise. But, today, there was an article ( that makes me wonder. If a British jet had to avoid a rocket, perhaps the Russians were not so lucky. Thus, the British decision to suspend air travel to Sharm El Sheikh makes sense. It makes sense that the American government is also raising the suspicion of a terrorist attack. It suggests that the Russian crash may not have been an accident, but an attack. And, not an isolated one at that.

And then, there is a statement that the rocket was part of Egyptian military exercises ( This is also very puzzling. Why would a military hold exercises near flightpaths to a civilian airport? They should know the flightpaths and schedules since they are public.

And, Sputnik asks a stranger question (, suggesting the British would attack a Russian jet. If they had, why would they stop their own passenger traffic? There would be no need, since their people would be safe. But, asking such a question can only further inflame tensions between Russia and the West.

The official investigation has not shown evidence of a terrorist attack ( But, what then? Why would the plane crash? And, then, the Russians also suspend flights after evidence of an explosion (

As I write this, friends are on their way to Israel. I worry for their safety, not just from the stabbing attacks in Israel, but, now, also from attacks at 30,000 feet. The answer is unclear what happened to the Russian passenger jet, but a terrorist attack is certainly a possibility.


  1. And yet another spin, this time blaming the CIA ( An interesting article, clearly focused more on the blame than putting together a coherent story.

  2. Looking more like an attack. Both Russia and Israel are now saying that an attack was likely to be the cause of the crash of the Russian plane (

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  4. Yet another idea. A former KGB agent suggests Russia may have planted the bomb. (