Wednesday, November 11, 2015

What can the plane reveal?

It has been over five years since a crash which killed the Polish President and numerous other Polish political figures, and the wreckage of the plane has still not been returned from Russia. Poland is now planning to sue in the European Court of Human Rights ( and

The investigation was long since settled by Russia as showing pilot error and weather as the cause. But, other groups say this doesn't quite fit. Conspiracy theories abound. Immediately after the crash, "the plane’s black boxes, laptops, sensitive documents, mobile phones, address books, telephone numbers, correspondence, and the top-secret military, NATO and diplomatic codes on board were salvaged from crash site immediately by the Kremlin’s operatives in what was a “coup for Russia’s intelligence service” according to retired CIA analyst Gene Poteat. What Nowaczyk calls “years worth of work for security services” was completed in a single day by Russia’s OMON Special Purpose Police, which were immediately deployed to the site." (

An engineer from the University of Akron, Wieslaw Bienieda, did simulations which suggest that crash could not have happened the way it was described by the Russians ( He reported that a large debris field and no crater would be unlikely if the plane clipped a birch tree 30-40 meters (100-130 feet) in the air. In addition, he thought that many of the passengers in the midsection would have survived a fall into soft soil.

A Danish scientist, Glenn Joregensen, also was left with several questions which were not explained by the official report (

I have no way of knowing what the truth is. The Dutch investigation of the MH-17 crash showed how detailed an investigation could be, and led Poles to ask if the Smolensk crash should be further investigated ( So, I do think that returning the plane to Poland where it can be subjected to a full investigation is appropriate. It's time to clear the air. Unless there is something to hide.

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